The Amtrac Mafia web site, SharePoint & Facebook pages are dedicated to training and educating our fields MOSs and connecting with all past/present Amtracers who desire to keep in touch with each other and with the most current events of our unique field.

This site will typically be used to redirect users to the file sharing site on SharePoint or to the Facebook page. Additionally, news and informational posts may be posted here along with Amtrac Mafia gear such as Hats, T-shirts and stickers when they become available.

Access: Access is not restricted.

Amphibious Unit Leader SharePoint site

This SharePoint site is where the meat of the Amtrac Mafia content will be and hosts a direct line of communication to the 1833 Occupation Filed Sponsor/Advocate at Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington DC and contains several links such as:

Shared documents: This page contains file sharing such as class material, references, info papers and standard documents used in the fleet.

Fleet wide recommendations: Users can make recommendations that could effect the entire Assault Amphibian community. These recommendations are reviewed and presented to the senior enlisted leadership (MGySgt's) at each semi annual Operations & Training (O&T) conference.

Request For Information (RFI): The RFI page is where the 1833 occupational field sponsor/advocate will officially submit RFIs to it's Active Duty, Reserve and DoD users in an effort to better understand the needs of the community.

Blog and links: The blog is the more formal and official than the standard facebook style of blog and allows the Occupational Field Sponsor a means to stimulate conversations that lend themselves to decision making at the leadership levels. Additionally, there are numerous links thru out the site to direct users to training & education, professional reading and other useful links.

Access: This site contains Unclassified//For Official Use Only (U//FOUO) information and access can only be granted to those who are Active Duty, Reserve or DoD personnel. Detailed instructions to gain access can be found here.


Amtrac Mafia on Facebook

Amtrac Mafia is now on facebook. This site serves the past and present Amtrac community as well as family and friends.

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